Sash Lifts
Used for opening and closing the bottom sash. Two Sash Lifts are fitted as standard.
Travel Restrictors
Provide enhanced security and safety for your vertical sliding sash windows. Used to restrict the opening of the window to just 100mm. Key operated.
D Handle
These optional easy-grip handles can be used in place of pole eyes or sash lifts and can be fitted externally on the bottom of the top sash for ease of operation.
Toughened Glass
Fitted in both top and bottom sashes as standard.
Toughened Glass
Fitted in both top and bottom sashes as standard.
Sash Locks
Lock both bottom and top sashes firmly in place when the window is fully closed. Key lockable. One Sash Lock is fitted to windows up to 799mm wide. Two are fitted on windows 800mm wide and over.
Security Bar
This specially-designed feature is an integral part of the window cill which significantly increases security, to help prevent potential intruders using tools or excessive force to try and lever open the bottom sliding sash and gain entry.
Tilt Knobs
Allow inward tilting of the sliding sashes for easy and safe cleaning from inside the home. Two Tilt Knobs are fitted as standard.
Pole Eyes
Used for opening and closing the top sash. Two Pole Eyes are fitted as standard.
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What we do

We’re proud of the reputation we have earned for providing high quality shop fitting. We offer you the reassurance of a knowledgeable and conscientious service, together with a commitment to delivering on budget and on time. In fact, since we started in 2012 we have carefully but significantly grown the Company working for clients including – H & M, COS and NEXT.

We do not yet claim to be the ‘biggest’, but we do claim to be amongst the very best! That’s not just what we say, but what our clients tell us.

The difference lies in…..

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Every Project starts with having a good understanding of the clients’ needs. We do this by involving our experienced team, whom we know and trust, from the outset, enabling them to work together in a seamless way to provide the best results for every single aspect of the service we offer.

At C Erison Shopfitting we offer a full range of high quality shop fitting services throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.  These include:

  • New store fit out
  • Store refurbishment/refit
  • Office fit out
  • Maintenance/small works
  • Consultancy

Our services are meticulously planned and delivered to deal with your requirements quickly and expertly.