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How does a sash window operate?

A sash window has two sashes that slide vertically. To open the window simply unlock it, and push up the bottom sash using the sash lifts or pull down the top sash using the pole eyes. This function is enabled by using constant force springs within the frame channel which counter balance the sash and eliminates the need for weights and cords used on traditional sash windows. ECOSlide windows include an advanced tilt and turn function. To operate this you need to open the window and push the tilt knobs inwards and pull the sash towards you, this function should only be used for cleaning purposes only, not for everyday ventilation.

Which cill should I use and when?

We offer three cill option; 152mm, 185mm and 225mm.

152mm should be used if a non-projecting cill is required, like when your window is sitting on an existing stone cill.

If you require a projecting cill you can choose from 185mm or 225mm (Cill end caps are supplied with these cills but not 152mm) .

How do I remove the bottom sash?

First ensure the window is unlocked and open slightly. Tilt the window towards you to access the restrictor arms. Depress the retaining clip and slide the tilt/restrictor arm up to disengage from channel. Repeat this sequence on the other side. Tilt the sash fully inwards to 90degrees and carefully lift to disengage from the shoes to remove from the frame.

Does my window have balances or constant force?

ECOSlide windows are manufactured with a constant force spring. These are replaceable if damaged.


My sash is not able to tilt, what do I do?

This may be due to a fitting error where the window has been foamed in or packed too tightly, this can result in the tilt arms being hard to tilt inwards. It could also be that the tilt arms are bent which causes them to get stuck. In this case the tilt arms would need to be replaced.


How many locks, lifts and pole eyes does each window come witho?

Sash locks - 1 fitted to windows up to 799mm wide. 2 fitted on windows 800mm and over.

Pole eyes - 1 fitted to windows up to 479mm wide. 2 fitted to windows 480mm and over.

Sash lifts - 1 fitted to windows up to 479mm wide. 2 fitted to windows 480mm and over.

Tilt knobs - 2 fitted as standard. 

How do I replace the hardware?

Use a drill to remove the visible screws. Position new hardware and screw into place.

How do I clean my windows?

DO NOT use any abrasive cleaning products on either the profile, glass or hardware.

Windows can be cleaned effectively with warm soapy water only.

What profile do you use?

We extrude our own profile which is exclusively used for ECOSlide sash windows. 

How long is your Guarantee?

Profile is fully compliant with all current standards and guaranteed for a period of 10 years.

Sealed Units are produced in full accordance with BS EN 1279 and are guaranteed for a period of 10 years.

Hardware is guaranteed from technical fault or operating functionality defect for a period of 10 years.

Balance Springs are guaranteed from breakdown or failure for a period for a period of 10 years.

What is the maximun size window?

We manufacture windows up to 1600mm wide x 3000mm high. 

What is the minimum size window?

The minimum size window we manufacture is 370mm wide x 740mm high. 

What size trickle vents do you use?

Trickle vents are available in 300mm or 400mm long.

What are your profile mesurements?