Investing to achieve even greater efficiency

It takes just 40 seconds for Victorian Sliders to make a sash and less than 2 minutes to make a complete ECOSlide PVC-U vertical sliding sash window. Such efficiency is only possible through investing more than £10 million in the very latest production technology – 95% of machinery at Victorian Sliders is less than 3 years old. These continual investments, including 9 Urban quad-welding and corner-cleaning lines, help to keep Victorian Sliders ahead of the game.

For example, assisted by Kall Kwik the company has just taken delivery of 2 new BAZ1000 Schirmer sash cutting and machining centres which are the fastest to be installed in the UK.

Martin O’Carroll of Kall Kwik comments: “These top-end specification high-speed machines are the first of their kind to be installed in the UK and feature a real-time buffer system and a twin-end milling and machining centre.”

Each new BAZ1000 Schirmer machine at Victorian Sliders is fitted with:

• A 3-axis “Routing Unit” for sash transom, mullion and gasket routing
• A twin-end milling machining centre
• Automatic tool changers with up to 9 tools in operation
• A real-time buffer system incorporating a “Transfer Magazine” with 28 independently moving shuttles
• An operating unit G-Module delivering “Ultra Speed” with numerical control in six axes
• Automatic profile measuring for reusable off-cuts and optimization software
• High speed magnetic drive numerical-controlled gripper units to transport full 6 metre PVC-U profile bar lengths and reusable off-cuts through the Schirmer BAZ 1000 machining centre at a positioning speed of up to 150 metres per minute

On commissioning of these two new machines at Capel Hendre, Mr O’Carroll received warm handshakes from Victorian Sliders’ Owner and Chief Executive, Scot Starkey and Managing Director, Brendan McCambridge.

“This latest installation at our headquarters in Carmarthenshire is just part of an ongoing project started with Kall Kwik Machinery Ltd in May 2015, purely with manufacturing quality and speed in mind,” says Brendan McCambridge. “It was always our intention to make the highest quality and most efficient vertical sliding sash frames in the UK and Europe in under 48 seconds and this we have achieved.”


  • Sliding function

    ECOSlide PVC-U sash windows function like a traditional box sash window with both the top and bottom sashes sliding up and down to suit your ventilation requirements.

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  • Tilt & easy clean function

    ECOSlide PVC-U sash windows are incredibly low maintenance, requiring only a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new.

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  • Attention to detail

    Its the little details that help make ECOSlide sash windows as authentic as possible. Our PVC-U windows are designed to be smooth and sleek with slim profile sections giving a better appearance, which is pleasing to the eye as well as offering improved views from the inside and outside.

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