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    Photo Entry
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    Terms and Conditions

    Qualifying Entries
    1.1 To qualify, entries must be sent to Victorian Sliders via the submission box on or via email, or via tag on social media (@victoriansliderssashwindows), Twitter (@victorianslider) or Instagram (@victoriansliders).

    1.2 Entries must be photographs of installed ECOSlide windows purchased from Victorian House Sales Ltd.

    1.3 You may enter multiple projects into a single competition, these must be separate images.

    1.4 Please include a brief description of the products featured in the photographs.

    1.5 Previous monthly competition winners will be entered into the ‘Installation of the year’ competition.
    2.1 Judging will take place shortly after the competition has closed. Winners will be notified by email or a direct message and a published feature post on social media.
    General Terms & Conditions
    3.1 In the competition, the decision of Victorian Sliders is final.
    3.2 The prize is decided by Victorian Sliders. No alternatives or substitutes will be offered.
    3.3 By submitting photos into competitions you are giving permission for Victorian Sliders to store, manipulate and use the photographs and information that was part of your entry. This includes but is not limited to use in Victorian Sliders’ marketing, including website, brochures, other printed materials, exhibition stands and social media.