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Sliding sash windows are the classic window style. Originally installed in period properties throughout the Georgian and Victorian eras, they are now popular in both traditional and modern homes. Historically made from timber, today, their PVCu counterparts can match the wooden originals in terms of appearance while far surpassing them with regard to performance and maintenance.

If you’re a UK-based glazing installer and you want to offer your customers the best PVCu sliding sash windows, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll give you all the information to help you convince your customers why PVCu sliding sash windows are the best option for their homes.

Open Sliding Sash Window

Sliding sash windows opening mechanism explained

Sash windows operate on either a weight and pulley system or a spring balance system. In the weight and pulley system, when you lift the window up or down, the weights move with the window allowing a smooth opening operation.

The spring balance opening system works in a similar way to the weight and pulley system. A PVC tube containing two springs is installed into the window frame. It creates a counterbalancing effect to allow each sash to slide smoothly open and close.

At Victorian Sliders, our ECOSlide Vertical Sliding Sash Windows feature spring balances in their design. Spring balances are more durable than weights and pulley systems and are the better choice for our PVCu sash windows.

ECOSlide sash windows features and benefits

The ECOSlide Sliding Sash Window from Victorian Sliders is designed to tastefully replicate the traditional appearance of period timber windows. Using high performing PVCu frames and thermally efficient double glazing, they provide all the benefits of modern technology with the classic timber look and smooth sliding functionality.

The classic aesthetic of ECOSlide Windows is so authentic that they are regularly accepted for use in conservation areas across the UK. Some of their traditional features include:

  • Pole eye opening hardware (top sash)
  • Optional D handles
  • Traditional sash locks
  • Sash lifts (bottom sash)
  • Authentic woodgrain finishes
  • Astragal and Georgian bars
  • Optional run-through sash horns

With ECOSlide Sliding Sash Windows, however, it’s not all about appearance. One of the main reasons why they are the preferred choice over timber sash windows is their superior performance. With ECOSlide Sash Windows from Victorian Sliders, you can offer your customers a range of benefits including:

  • Anti-jemmy bar for superior security standards
  • Toughened glass for improved safety
  • A+ energy efficiency rating for a warmer home
  • Low maintenance PVCu frames
  • Customisable frames with arched shapes and bay and bow configurations
  • Innovative tilt-in functionality

Innovative tilt-in functionality for easy cleaning access & optimum air circulation

Sliding Sash Windows

Victorian Sliders ECOSLide sash windows don’t just feature a smooth sliding opening and closing action like traditional timber sash windows. They also incorporate an innovative inward tilting feature into their design for easy access to the exterior of the window panes. This is particularly useful for upper storey windows and installations in multi-occupancy properties.

Both window sashes can be tilted inwards on a flexible hinge system. The windows can still slide up and down while tilted allowing for maximum flexibility and easy cleaning access to the exterior window pane and frame.

ECOSlide sash windows also provide excellent ventilation through their air circulation capacity. Following recent updates to building regulations Document F: ventilation, buildings are now required to provide better ventilation. Our sash windows can do exactly this, easily achieving all the latest guidelines. Their two-way opening functionality helps to improve airflow through a room creating a healthier living environment.

Why offer your customers PVCu sliding sash windows

PVCu sliding sash windows are an extremely popular window choice for homeowners across the UK. They will tastefully recreate the appearance of original timber windows in traditional period properties while providing all the benefits of modern PVCu.

They are also a popular choice for installations in more modern homes. Their classic style will add a touch of class to a contemporary property while their wide opening capacity will help to optimise ventilation and ensure that all building regulation requirements are easily achieved.

If you’d like to find out more about working with Victorian Sliders as your dedicated PVCu sliding sash window supplier, get in touch today. When you want to offer your customers the best in PVCu sash windows call 01269 846 200 or contact us online.

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